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3000W 3015 Fiber Laser Machine 750Watt fiber laser cutter 1

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The whole machine consist of machine tool, motion parts, electrical equipment control parts, and other assist parts. Via control system to operation three axis motion parts, so it can drive to fiber laser cutting head achieve a stable, accurate, and high speed moving; X and Y axis adopt by imported with original packaging high quality and precision HIWIN linear guide rail, working table adopt by square pipe to welding the overall machine, stress relief annealing treat, the max load-bearing of mesa could get 500 KG, it also has universal ball bearing, machine external set up peripheral clamping device, use full enclosed dust proof device, photoelectric sensor, and other precise positioning parts to ensure accuracy of the transmission.
1. Moved crossbeam with imported high precision racks and linear guide rail, transmission stable, working with high precision.
2. Machine tool, crossbeam and worktable adopt integral welding structure, machine tool, crossbeam and worktable adopt integral welding structure, in accordance with the standard large machine, to stress annealing after precision finishing and then for vibration aging treatment, it can completely eliminate the welding stress and processing stress, keep high-strength, high precision, and also keep the 20 years of normal use  don't deformation.
3. X, Y and Z axis use imported Japan servo motor, high precision, high speed, large torque and large inertia, performance is stable and durable, ensure the high speed operation of the whole machine.
4. Based on Windows operating system, use professional Bochu cypcut numerical control system for fiber laser cutting machine, integrated with laser cutting control special function module which is powerful with a good man-machine interface and easy to operate.
5. Laser-produced without gas, it could use air to cut sheet metal.

1.Laser source: IPG or Raycus
2.Fiber laser power : 500W, 750W, 1000W (Optional)
3.X, Y and Z axis stroke : 3025mm, 1525mm, 100mm
4.Weight : 5500KG
5.Appearance size : 4800*2600*1750mm
6.Working size : 3000*1500mm
7.X and Y positioning accuracy : +-0.05mm
8.Max speed : 100m/min
9.Max acceleration : 1G
10.Max load-bearing of work table : 500KG
11.Transmission mode : important high precision with double driving rack
12.Power consumption of whole machine : < 15KW (< 12KW-1 KW)
13.Rated voltage and frequency : 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A
Application industry
Metal cutting, electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household electrical appliance manufacturing, cooking utensils, tools machining , such as a variety of machinery manufacturing and processing industry.
Applicable materials
Professional for cutting a variety of sheet metal, has best quality to cut 0.5-6mm carbon steel, 0.5-5mm stainless steel, ( the max cutting thickness is 3mm if you use N2, and 5mm if you use O2) it also could cut galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, siliciun steel and other metal materials.